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Land Separation

For every application submitted to the Competent authority for issuing a permit to form or construct a road or to segregate and divide land for construction purposes concerning immovable property located within the boundaries of the Larnaca Sewerage Board, an additional application should be submitted to the LSDB concerning the necessary works that need to be completed for the installation of sewer pipes that have to be of a certain type as these are defined by the Board from time to time.

In particular, an application has to be submitted to the LSDB regarding a permit to construct public sewers and public sewers of buildings in cases of land segregation, subdivision and road formation. The application has to be accompanied by all necessary documentation and blueprints as follows:

  1. An application form filled in and signed by the owner/owners of the land undergoing segregation and subdivision or road formation.
  2. Two copies of the blueprints (plan views – section views) of the land (plot) segregation and division or road formation signed by a person registered in accordance with the Architects, Civil Engineers and Topographer Engineers Law provisions. The blueprints have to depict the proposed sewerage network and they have to be submitted in an electronic form. The elevations must be absolute and totally correlated with the nearest sewerage network.
  3. Blueprints depicting the approved by the Competent Authority longitudinal sections and segregation elevations if these are available.
  4. A copy of the title deed / deeds of the land/plot undergoing segregation and division or of the applicant regarding the road formation.
  5. A copy of the contract regardıng the assignment of works monitoring in accordance with the Legislation.
  6. A copy of the Division Town Planning Permit.

The owner must assign a supervising engineer with the monitoring of the works. Moreover, after the completion of the works, the owner must provide the LSDB with construction blueprints and information about the sewerage system which has been constructed.

Once the Board has been satisfied that the above conditions have been met, it issues the relevant (final certificate) confirming that the owner has complied with all conditions of the Sewerage System.

These Regulations are applied throughout the Board’s jurisdiction irrespective of whether the basic sewerage works and the installation of public sewers in the area have been completed or not.

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