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What I should not dispose through the sewage system

Dear fellow citizen,

The sewerage system’s smooth operation depends primarily on its proper use. For this reason, we would like to inform you about what you need to avoid disposing through the sewerage system so that this will function smoothly and impeccably without facing the risk of blocking your sewers.

This is strictly prohibited. Rainwater is directed only through the street grates, where these are available, or to absorption pits along with underground waters.

It is preferable that oils be collected in containers after being used so that they can be disposed along with other garbage, while in the case of large quantities a grease trap should be installed.

Diapers and Sanitary Napkins
These should be disposed along with the garbage so that they do not block the sewers.

A sand trap should be installed where there are large quantities of sand.

Paints and other chemicals
Disposing them through the sewerage system is strictly prohibited.

Now that you have connected your premises with the city sewerage system, you have also contributed to the improvement of its natural beauty and the quality of life in Larnaca.

The Larnaca Sewerage Board processes and recycles, on a daily basis, 7.000 m3 of sewerage, which is then used for the irrigation of fodder plants and greenery areas.

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