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Useful Questions / Answers

Questions – Answers regarding the fees

There are two categories of charges:

(a) Sewerage and drainage charges

The sewerage and drainage charges, according to the current legislation, are imposed based on the latest immovable property valuation, as this is recorded by the Department of Lands and Surveys and in accordance with a specific rate. For the year 2018, the LSDB has imposed charges according to the following rate.

Immovable Property Categories    Sewerage Charges Drainage Charges
Residences, Flats, Stores & others 0,56‰ 0,16‰
Hotels, Airport, Port, Industries etc. 1,10‰ 0,16‰

Regarding any clarifications you might need on your immovable property’s general valuation, you may contact the District Land Office in Larnaca.

(b) System usage charges

The system usage charges are imposed according to the relevant legislation and based on water consumption. The charge amounts to 0.50 cents per cubic metre and is imposed on every property which is connected or should be connected according to the relevant notification issued by the LSDB informing the property on the obligation to connect to the system. This charge is invoiced and collected through the competent Water Board.

Up until 2016, the sewerage charges were imposed based on the January 1st 1980 general valuation prices and in accordance with the Sewerage Systems Law 1/1971 and the Regulations published in the Government Gazette and their amendments to date. As of 2017, in accordance with the Sewerage Systems (Amending) Law N.35 (I) 2017, as this was published in the Government Gazette on April 4th 2017, the sewerage and drainage charges for the year 2017 are imposed based on the January 1st 2013 general valuation prices, as these have been determined by the District Land Office.

The system’s usage charges are imposed in accordance with the above legislation.

According to the current legislation, the sewerage charges are made payable as soon as they are published in the Government Gazette and the local press, where the final payment date is also announced. Furthermore, the final payment date is also displayed on the bill statement sent by the Board, for the purpose of facilitating immovable property owners with the payment of the charges. The sewerage charges are annual and can be paid in two equal installments during the year. With regards to 2018, the final payment date for the first installment is July 5th 2018, whereas the second installment’s final payment date is November 11th 2018.

Sewerage charges payment methods

a) At the Board’s offices,on the corner of Ira Street and Foti Kontoglou Street, 1st Floor, Larnaca.

b) By sending a cheque payable to the “Larnaca Sewerage Board”. The cheque can be sent by post and the invoice must be enclosed along with the cheque. The payment receipt will be sent by post at the postal address registered in the Board’s archives.

c) At all Banks by presenting the bill statement before the final payment date.

d) Automatic payment by standing order. Those who wish to join the automatic payment system can submit their bank account’s IBAN number and sign the relevant order.

e) Online through the Board’s website or through

The usage charges are payable along with the water supply charges and they appear on the Water Board’s bill statement.

Failing to meet the payment deadline results in imposing an additional 5% surcharge on the amount payable if this is paid within four months of the payment deadline, while a 15% penalty is imposed if the charges are paid later than four months after the payment deadline (article 30 of the Base Law). In this case, legal actions will also be taken.

The Board offers a settlement in monthly installments scheme for its charges. The installments can be paid at the Board’s offices, online through the JCC website or by bank standing order. The customers interested in participating in this scheme should visit the Board’s cashiers to define the installments for the first payment.

You should visit the Board’s office or send a relevant letter to the Board.

Questions – Answers regarding the Technical Service

An application has to be submitted for a construction permit to be issued by the Larnaca Sewerage Board. The application has to be accompanied by all the required documents and blueprints. Once the review procedure has been completed, the permit issuing fee and the connection fee are paid. Next, the applicant covers the expenses for the construction of a private sewer of the building in accordance with the approved blueprints and the terms of the permit. Once the construction of the Private Sewer of the Building has been completed, this is inspected by the Competent Official and if this meets the LSDB’s specifications, then a consent for the connection to the main sewerage system is issued.

The Private Sewer of the Building has to be constructed and the construction cost has to be covered by you in accordance with the approved blueprints and terms of the permit. Once the construction of the Private Sewer of the Building has been completed, the Technical Services have to be informed for a Competent Official to inspect the sewer. Once this is done, a consent is issued for the connection to the main sewerage system.

You first need to go to the Accounting office on the first floor and submit the letter which has been sent to you in order to pay the issuing fee for the Private Sewer construction permit. Next, you will need to go to the second floor, at the Technical Service Secretariat, and receive the Private Sewer construction permit.

For every whole plot, even if it is owned by more than one owners or there is more than one construction, the Board only offers one free of charge connection. For any additional connections, the expenses have to be covered by the owners.

There is a possibility of a joint connection through one point on the same plot given that the application is signed by all co-owners. In case the connection of a property is made through a neighboring plot, the written consent of the neighboring plot’s owner is required.

Even if a provision has already been constructed on a plot, the application procedure for a connection with the main sewerage system will still have to be followed.

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